My Mission

I believe an elected official should demonstrate integrity, approachability, and transparency because at its core, an elected official is an advocate.

As your advocate, my focus will be on the needs of Guelph: shelter (affordable), food (security), water (protection), clothing (available), air (quality), and sleep (safety).

I have served Guelph for 20+ years with my hands and my heart, it will be my privilege to advocate for you at city hall.

It's time we shifted focus

The Problem

We are in a housing crisis with a less than 1% rental inventory and home ownership out of the reach of many families.


Protect what is left of our green spaces and groundwater by focusing on smarter density. Walkable neighbourhoods where residents can work, play, and live in the same community.

Actually using the tools in our belt (bonusing, financial incentives, inclusionary zoning) to encourage developers to provide entry-level housing for the ownership and rental community.

Shift Focus

We can not continue to wait for development to solve our problems!


We can update our bylaws to allow for laneway housing, and tiny houses, plus eliminate the accessory apartment 3 parking space bylaw.

We can look to Waterloo which offers a $25,000 low interest rate loan for homeowners to build basement apartments, provided they charge less than market value for those apartments for 15 years.